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Ada Booyens one of World's best 01 December 09
Willy Ward RIP 30 September 09
BIG WALK 2009 Info 30 September 09
Frans Du Toit 01 June 09
Mundell breaks National 50km Record 01 May 2009
Thys de Vries - Atletiek legende sterf af - Article in Afrikaans 22 April 2009
Press release: SA 50km & Interprovincial Race Walk Champs 2008 02 July 2008
More than just a walk down to Russia 15 May 2008
SA Walkers to Ethiopia 02 April 2008
Flying Phil turns 104 16 February 2008
Walking at Yellow Pages 09 February 2008
Down-under with Marc 15 January 2008
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Ada Booyens one of World's best - 01 December 2009

The selection for the WMA Best Masters 2009 has been finalised, there were 4 female nominations and 5 male nominations as followed, with their selected events from their Regional Nominees, and the WMA Councils decision.

Remarkably 2 SA Master athletes were nominated of wich one is the South African Race Walker, Ada Booyens (coached by Carl Meyer) who achieved 3 Gold Medals at the recent World Masters Championships in Finland.

I believe this is a massive recognition for our SA athletes proving that we truly do have the best in the world in SA.

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Will Ward- RIP - 30 September 09

Willy Ward (ASWD Race Walking Commission Chairperson) passed away on 22 September 2009.

He was very passionate about our sport, Sedgefield Striders and especially Race Walking.

Our condolences and prayers goes to Franki and to his family.

Willy will be dearly missed.

BIG WALK 2009 - 30 September 09

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Frans Du Toit - RIP - 01 June 09

One of Western Provinces most loved walking/running supporters and permanent fixture at events Frans du Toit has passed away. Frans wll be remembered by the WP Walking fraternity for his work in promoting the sport and encouraging athletes on and off the road. You will be missed. Below is a tribute by Riël Hauman.

By Riël Hauman

The phone call from Elize Engelbrecht in the Western Province Athletics office on Monday morning was stunning in the unreality of it: Frans du Toit had passed away that morning after suffering a hear attack.

Recently I attended the funerals of Lynne Spence, who I have known for 30-odd years, and of Gerald Naudé, a much respected “elder statesman” of my former club, Helderberg Harriers. Lynne had suffered from cancer and Gerald had suffered a stroke a few years ago and was 75 years old. But Frans ... healthy, fit, vibrant, on-the-go Frans?

It made no sense. Frans, who ran every day of his life, who looked after himself so well. Frans, who lived for athletics. Frans, who loved a joke, jovial Frans. I was shocked, and so too, I am sure, will be everyone who knew him.

We have been friends for more than two decades, talking athletics, working together, sharing information, helping each other. Distance Running Results depended on Frans for Western Cape results, and every Sunday evening, without fail, his results would be in my e-mail inbox. So they were this Sunday, with the message that he had been ill since Friday. But, according to reports, he was up and about on Monday morning, left home to go to a shop, and was struck down by a heart attack.

Frans was a fixture at Western Cape road races, and when he was not announcing (which he did all over the Western Province and Boland), he was standing at the finish line, clipboard in hand, recording the results for Monday’s issue of Die Burger. He also wrote for TygerBurger and was an expert on schools athletics. He had a network of contacts second to none. There was little happening in road running and athletics in the Western Cape he was unaware of. He was the soul of the high-profile MTBS track meeting, the biggest schools meeting in the Western Cape, which he organised in his inimitably thorough and detail-driven way for many years.

An ex-teacher at J.G. Meiring High School, Frans was one of the “old school” – diligent, precise, articulate, well-read and with a formidable work ethic, yet fun-loving and with a wonderful sense of humour. Information had to be accurate and on time, and he did not suffer fools gladly. But he was always ready for some light-hearted banter or gossip. I last saw him at the Two Oceans, where he, Stephen Granger and myself sat in the media tent watching the race unfold on television. We exchanged views on the race, made jokes, and prided ourselves that we, together with Manfred Seidler, were the only “serious” road running journalists there. All the while Frans was bustling around, trying to get results, fretting about his deadline, making notes.

We spoke last week about the upcoming races this past weekend, and getting the results. He complained about the way Die Burger has downscaled its publication of local sports news, and how he saw that as a sad step in the wrong direction.On Sunday evening, true to form, there was his usual compilation of results (which appear in this issue). Little did I know then that it would be the last. Frans du Toit was a great friend, a super person, and a passionate lover of athletics. The sport – all aspects of it – will be much the poorer without him. Few of his kind remain.

Mundell breaks National 50km Record - 01 May 09

Marc Mundell of TUKS walked his debut 50km on Saturday 25 April in Zittau, Germany at the German Nationals.

The previous National Record in the 50km, Johan Moerdyk's 4:07:30 has stood since 1996 with the next best time being 4:20. The World Champs A Standard is set at 3:58 and the B Standard set at 4:09.

Marc went through 25km's in 2:03:10 and finished in 4:04:42, negative splitting with a new National Record, an IAAF B and a Commonwealth Games qualifier. Marc will only know later in the year if he will be selected for the World Champs as the National policy states only A standard gets a place in the National Team.

An inform Mundell went into the race with the best times in South Africa for the 5km (21:33), 10km (44:04), 20km (88:01 - SASSU Record) and a sub 75 minute 21.1km run at SASSU Championships.

Another SA athlete Thami Hlatzwayo finished the race in a time of 4:26:19.

For Results follow the link below.



Boland Atletiek dra sy medelye oor aan die Familie van Thys De Vries na sy ontydige afsterwe op Vrydag 17 April 2009. Thys De vries was een van die oorledenes tydens die ontploffing en daaropvolgende brand wat plaasgevind het by die aanleg van Paarl Media in Paarl.

Thys De Vries, gebore op 5 Oktober 1957, het geleef vir atletiek. Thys het reeds as junior atleet en later as senior atleet presteer in die Stap Kompetisies in Suid Afrika.

In die sestiger en sewentiger jare was Thys verskeie kere Suid Afrikaanse Kampioen. As gevolg van die politiek bestel van die tyd, kon hy egter nooit Suid Afrika as atleet verteenwoordig nie.

Nadat Thys as atleet uitgetree het, het hy hom toegespits op dienslewering aan die sport as Administrateur, Beampte en Afrigter.

Dit was veral as Afrigter waar Thys 'n groot bydrae gemaak het. Vir meer as 20 jaar het Thys talle atlete afgerig wat Nasionale Kampioene geword het en medaljes gewen het op nasionale vlak.

Thys was veral daarvoor bekend vir die groot opofferings wat hy gemaak het om te verseker dat atlete toegang het tot atletiek. Talle atlete wat nie die finansiële vermoë gehad het om toe te tree tot die sport nie is deur Thys gehelp. Verskeie van die atlete het dan ook later Nasionale of Provinsiale Kampioene geword.

Thys het ook gedien as die Provinsiale Koördineerder vir Stap in die Boland. Onder sy leiding het Boland Atletiek se Stappers gesag afgedwing op provinsiale en nasionale byeenkomste. Dit was allerweë bekend dat onder sy leiding, die Boland Stappers eers geklop moet word alvorens enige atleet aanspraak kon maak op 'n medalje op Weskaap en Nasionale Kampioenskappe.

As Beampte was Thys 'n bekende en gesogte by nasionale en provinsiale byeenkomste. Vanweë sy superieure kennis van atletiek, en sy professionele benadering tot atletiek het hy gesag afgewing op alle vlakke van atletiek in Suid Afrika.

Thys het in sy loopbaan by tientalle Nasionale en Provinsiale Byeenkomste uitstekende diens gedoen as Hoof Skeidsregter in Baan en Veld, Padwedlope en Landlope.

Thys se afsterwe laat 'n groot leemte in Boland Atletiek wat baie lank gaan neem om te vul.

Sy vriendelike en hulpvaardige diens sal terdeë gemis word, veral hier op die Dal Josaphat Stadium waar hy vir meer as 30 jaar aktief betrokke was.

Ons neem afskeid van 'nAtletiek legende in die Boland

Atletiekgroete aan 'n groot held.

Boland Atletiek Raad



It is the fifty second time that South Africa’s best walkers will fight it out to see who is the fastest and the new 2008 South African Race Walk Champion over 50km. The event takes place in Oudtshoorn in Park Road at the SA Infantry School, next to the entrance to the Military Base on Sonday, 6 July 2008 at 06h00.

Already in 1894 with the first SA Athletics Championships the 3 mile walking items were held. It is nearly 5km and became the standard track walking distance.

The first 50km walk was in 1933 in Cape Town and George Keenan won in a time of 5:06:55. He also was the champion at the following three championships events.

After the Second World War Gordon Morrison in Kimberley brought the time down to under the 5 hours to 4:58:8. Only two years later, Nico Reyneke broke the record again to 4:49:8 which was held in Port Elizabeth. Only in 1960 George Hazel bettered it to 4:45:16 and again in 1961 to 4:27:55.

There were no 50 kilometer races between 1975 and 1992 and with the resumption in 1993; Johan Moerdyk lowered the record to 4:09:37 and again in 1996 to 4:07:30, a time that are still the record. Bron: Gert le Roux

Thabiso Tsagane and Trudie Carstens won in 2007 and will defend their titles. Of South-Africa’s best walkers Piet Appel, Ross McDonald, Oxlee Africa, Tami Hlatswayo, Malcolm Salida, Fanie Venter, Sipho Mahlangu, Lindela Madikizela
and Schalk Walters will all be there and would try to win.

In the competition for women there will be fierce competition and Yvonne Irmscher, Anne Mckenzie, Sandra Steenkamp, Vanessa Theron, Charmaine Klem, Khethiwe Memela, and Bernadette Dujardin will take Trudie on.

In the 5km Development Race we expect that Anél Oosthuizen of George may break the SA record. She broke most of the records in the last races that she took part in.

Teams of nine of South Africa’s provinces entered and more than 150 athletes’s will compete in the Provincial competition in the 30km, 20km and 10km races. The different age groups will each present a winner, second and third place for the interprovincial competition and medals.

The first eight finishers will also earn points for the Team competition. Strong teams from Western Province and Central Gauteng entered and South Western Districts will also have a full team.

Starty In front of SANDF, Park Road, Oudtshoorn
06:00 – 50km Open Men and Ladies
08:00 – 20km Open Men and Ladies & SAMA Men 40 yrs +
08:30 – 10km Youth Boys (16/17 yrs), Junior Boys and Girls (18/19 yrs)
08:30 – 10km SAMA Men 60 yrs +, SAMA Ladies 30 yrs +
08:45 – 30km Open Men and Ladies
10:00 – 5km Development Race Youth Girls (16/17 yrs), Sub Youth Girls and Boys (14/15 yrs)
11:30 – 3km Development Race Sub Youth Boys and Girls (13yrs and younger)

1 July 2008

At Schoeman
SWD Race Walk Commission Chairman


More than just a walk down to Russia – IAAF World Cup Report Back (Cheboksary 2008)

On this LHR flight back from the UK I have to ask myself the question: How passionate am I about Race Walking?

It’s a known fact that once this sport gets hold of you – it is a like a bug that never will leave. What started out as a sport for me personally by mere coincidence a few years ago has become a true passion of mine which has found me traveling to Russia to watch the recent 23rd IAAF Race Walking World Cup in Cheboksary, Russia.

Being co-founder of, member of Western Province Athletics Race Walking Commission and Club Captain of Spartan Harriers (the oldest Walking Club), a race walker myself and a New Balance Sponsored athlete – I decided to afford myself the opportunity of going to watch and support the race walkers competing at the World Cup in Russia.

At the very last minute I found myself reconsidering my trip to Russia after an unfortunate announcement by Athletics South Africa that they were unable to send any South African race walkers to the World Cup. My trip was merely one as a spectator and at my own personal expense, but as you can imagine in writing this I did decide to continue on that journey – so what follows is the elation and fulfillment of that dream and the days leading up to the competition.

The initial part of my trip found me traveling through London, Scotland, Moscow and St. Petersburg for the very first time. Besides the many hours of “tourist type walks”, I still managed to find enough time to train while abroad which I did on Clapham Common (London South), The Royal Mile (Edinburgh, Scotland), Kinnoull Hill (Perth, Scotland) and finally in Cheboksary (Russia)!!!

So after a 12 hour flight from Cape Town to London, a further 4 hour flight to Moscow, almost being pick-pocketed on the Russian underground in St. Petersburg, the struggles with a country where only a small minority of people actually speak English, and then the 12 hour long train trip – I found myself at Cheboksary, the host country for the 23rd IAAF World Race Walking World Cup.

The two days of competition saw the following events completed: 10km Junior Men, 10km Junior Women, 20km Senior Men, 20km Senior Women and the 50km Senior Men Race Walks.

The competition course followed a 2km loop along the banks of the very popular Volga River – 6 portable toilets set out along the course, 4 technical judges and a chief judge, 3 cyclists moving up and down the length of the course collecting warning cards, sufficient water tables, sponging tables, flat tarred surface, 4 very large warning boards for the unfortunate “red dots”, VIP restricted areas, a special warm up area for athletes, grass verged areas which saw around 20 000 spectators, a special restricted area for coaches and athletes to support their team members competing, large grand stand area, large big screen television, excellent commentators both in Russian and English, good music, at least two digital clocks and a start/finish line that must be every race walker’s dream to pass through and take those final steps toward.

The weather was good and saw a maximum of around 11 degrees Celsius on the Saturday and up to 19 degrees Celsius on the Sunday. Humidity levels were on average at 38% for both days but with 78% humidity levels at the start of the 50km men’s race walk event. Virtually no wind and fairly clear blue skies.

The performances and stats over the two days were most : -

431 x Athletes participated
101 in 50km Senior Men Race Walk
98 in 20km Senior Women Race Walk
112 in 20km Senior Men Race Walk
57 in 10km Junior Women Race Walk
63 in 10km Junior Men Race Walk

Technical Race Info

Excess of 220 warnings given
26 x Disqualifications (6% of all athletes)
39 x DNF’s (9% of all athletes)
116 x Personal Best Times set (27% of all athletes)
99 x Season Best Times set (23% of all athletes)
2 x World Records Taken (0.5% of all athletes)
50km Senior Men: Denis Nizhegorodov (3:34:14) – Russia
10km Junior Men: Aleksey Bartsaykin (39:57) – Russia
3 x Competition Records (0.7% of all athletes)
20km Senior Men: Francisco Fernandez (1:18:15) – Spain
20km Senior Women: Olga Kaniskina (1:25:42) – Russia
10km Junior Women: Tatyana Kalmykova (42:44) – Russia
13 x National Country Junior Records (3% of all athletes)
8 x 10km Junior Men
5 x 10km Junior Women
8 x National Country Senior Records (1.9% of all athletes)
4 x 20km Senior Men
3 x 20km Senior Women
1 x 50km Senior Men
27 x countries competed

In closing what a thrilling and unforgettable experience, what excellent performances, what comradeship, an event where race walkers were considered “international celebrities” by autographs taken and young fans wanting photo’s (even mine and I was just a spectator in my NB kit!)

The next and 24th IAAF Race Walking World Cup will be held in Mexico in May 2010.

Yours in walking,



SA Walkers to Ethiopia - 02 April 2008

Johannesburg - Athletics South Africa (ASA) will send a 66 member team to the upcoming 16th CAA African Senior Track and Field Championships. The event, which also forms part of ASA’s plans for the Beijing Olympic Games, takes place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 30 April to 4 May 2008.

Walkers: Men - Thami Hlatswayo, Marc Mundell & Werner Appel. Women - Ruzanne Harris, Michelle Hopkins & Nomsa Buthelezi.

Welldone in making the team and Good Luck. Make SA proud.


Flying Phil turns 104

Philip Rabinowitz turned 104 years old this week (16 Feb 08). He is the current Guinness World Record Holder in the 100m for 100+ year athletes with a time of 30.86 seconds. Philip also hold numerous Western Province, SA and World race walking record He is still very active and tries to walk 3km a day. He also still works as a bookkeeper at his daughters business.

Philip's motto in life is " Enjoy everything in moderation....eating, drinking, exercise and.....women."

Happy B-day Uncle Phil.

Pieter Vorster and Malcolm Salida with Philip Rabinowitz at the 10km walk named after him.

Results from that race


Walking at Yellow Pages - 09 Februarie 2008

The start of the 2008 SA Athletics season has been kind to Race walking with the inclusion of walking events at four of the ASA Yellow Pages Ultimate Athletics Series events. With distances ranging from 3000M to 10 000M athletes from all over SA will have the change to compete at a competative level on the track. Race walking as a sport will also receive the needed exposure on TV and printed media.

01 Feb 08 - Potchefstroom - 3000M

08 Feb 08 - Durban - 10000M

22 Feb 08 - Germiston - 5000M

07 Mar 08 - Pretoria - 5000M