Greetings from the desk of a very excited team... Where passion, drive, enthusiasm and love for the sport has finally come together!!!

We, Malcolm Salida of Spartan Harriers and Pieter Vorster of Bellville Athletics Club have teamed up and are about to turn the handle in South Africa on race walking and expect the sport to grow significantly and the general hype around the sport to be completely irresistible!!!

The idea evolved from a mere suggestion made at a meet in Stellenbosch to a 6 month long brainstorm and finally the product you are viewing at this very moment.

Never before has there been one portal on the net where one can get all race walking information in one place!!! We plan to bring together social, competitive, masters and beginner walkers. This site must form the centre for all race walking related topics.

Now walkers can view their statistics, view action photos of events, plan their race dairy by getting info on future events, get race walking specific information and generally indulge themselves in what this site has to offer.

Our sincere thanks for your contributions, continuous support and words of encouragement!!!

Every valuable hour spent designing and the working behind the scene to create the vision, has been so worth it!

Watch this space and "Lekker Stap"!!!

Yours in walking,

The Team: Pieter Vorster - Project Manager and Designer, Jürgen Spencer - Virtual Coach, Malcolm Salida - Project Manager.