ASA Race Walking Championships an Olympic Qualifier

Athletics South Africa (ASA) and Western Province Athletics have been awarded the first ever IAAF approved Race Walking Championships that is to be used as a qualifier for the 2012 Olympic Games. The Championships will be held on Saturday, 8 October 2011 at the Youngsfield Military Base, Cape Town.

The IAAF has introduced strict criteria for Race Walkers to qualify for Championship events such as the World Championships, Common Wealth Games and Olympic Games.  The criteria aims to control the standard of officiating in order to prevent countries that do not have sufficient experience and/or qualified officials from sending athletes to these competitions without having fulfilled the criteria as set out by the IAAF.  It also aims to reduce the controversies surrounding disqualifications of race walking athletes.

The IAAF criteria requires three International qualified Judges to be part of the judging panel (minimum of six plus chief judge) as well as a certified course according to the IAAF Rule 240 (The rules can be found at ). To qualify ASA had to apply for this recognition. ASA was recently granted this recognition status by the IAAF for the South African 50km Race Walk Championships and 20km events to be hosted by Western Province.  

Whether you are an experienced race walker or just starting out, the ASA Race Walking Championships will have something for every athlete.  Races on the day include the 50km and 20km which can be used as Olympic Qualifiers.  There will also be a 10km, 5km and 3km walk of which the 5km and 3km serves as development race walks for youngsters under the age of 15.

International experienced and highly acclaimed race walk judges on the IAAF judges’ panel will be present on the day.  Chief Judge at the 2012 Olympic Games, Steven Taylor (UK), will be one of the IAAF judges present at the ASA Race Walking Championships.  He will be joined by George Karuiki (Kenya) and Pierce O’Callaghan (IRL).  Karuiki judged the 2011 Africa Games while O’Callaghan is an IAAF International Judge.

These Championships are not only open for local athletes, but also international athletes wishing to compete and qualify for the Olympic Games. 

 For more information Race Director, Malcolm Salida, can be contacted on +27 82 784 5675 or via email

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